Pilgrim’s Progress 2: Christiana’s story

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The Pilgrim’s Progress is so much more than an historic novel. It was written in two parts. The first (and most famous) part involves Pilgrim leaving his wife and children and risking everything to get to the heavenly city. The second part, which this book is, tells the story of how his wife and children follow him to reach the same destination. Bunyan wants you to travel through this book as an adventure through the Christian life – retold on paper and in pictures. This sequel has an equal place in the hearts of those that read it. Some regard it as even better – though it isn’t so well known. If you haven’t read Christiana’s story before then you will enjoy a new set of challenges to overcome as Christian’s wife and children make their way to the heavenly city.

Sample pages & text source:  www.christianfocus.com